Category: Poetry

A Job Application

I like knitting, sewing, playingmy guitar and games on the computer and PS4. I like watching movies, mostly scifi and stuff about love. I like to read and to listen to audiobooks. I like riding mybike and smiling at random people. I love cats. I like Microsoft Office. I like uploading my documents and pictures to the […]


I like budgeting. I like putting all my numbers on a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. I like changing numbers and see how they change my bottom line. I think I developed my love of budgeting while I was an Army Legal Administrator; even though it left me feeling weak […]

Choices and Changes

I ponder upon the choices and changes I make in my life.  Back in the 1990s, I was exposed to the idea that if I make an incorrect choice, I can easily change that decision to something else.  I imagine that all sentient life could do that as […]

Term Break

My three-month term break is almost over.  I have already resigned another six month contract.  I hope I am able to get as much done as I possibly can.  At a minimum, this will include two CISCO certifications and two Microsoft certifications. Life is really good.  As soon […]

Tangled Ball of String

Nothing is more fun than to be intertwined arms and legs, naked, warm bodies, embraced, with eyes looking into the eyes of your lover staring back; with all moments collapsed into one, whispering. Her long hair falling over into your face teasing your skin to beg for more. […]

The Rabbit Hole

I wonder how far down the rabbit hole I should take my visitors.  While I was wandering Lowes, the beginning of a poem took form in my mind, it goes like this: The songs that arise from my heart comes from a place furrowed from darkness, pain, hate, […]


This early morning, courtesy my kitten on loan from my daughter, obviously what’s becoming a great time for meditation and wonderful time for the kitten to play with me, another thought came to me.  The thought as subject above on Love. Love is an odd subject.  We have […]


My kitten chose again to visit me early this morning to do kitten things. It being so close to dawn, I didn’t bother trying to go back to sleep. In that slumber, before actually getting up an image came to me enlighten me, who remains a very silly, […]