Pig in Mud

I’m glad I am who I am.  I am a pig in mud because I am able to feel such an array of emotion after such a long darkness.  I am a peregrine falcon soaring high on the winds of creativity.  The only shadows in my life are […]


Sometimes when I see a sunrise or a sunset, or when I see someone I love, or when I see a mother love a child, or even my kitten play wildly, I feel within my heart and mind something other than sight.  I feel sight as a unity […]

The Four Loves

I am trying best to figure out how to encapsulate what I have learned about my most recent relationship.  It falls under a lack of knowledge of the Four Loves.  The Greeks had at least four different words for love.  The first and probably the most demeaning is […]


I feel resurrected; as if a giant slug has been lifted off my back. Who would have thought? At least I have cleared my mind of negative entanglement. The Buddha was right about that stuff. At least I got a lot of poetry material and a better vision. […]

Shared Consequence

All life is consequential and by sharing your life with another being you share in its consequences. The shared interconnectedness of all life becomes apparent when you willingly give up a part of your life so that another life may live. The consequences are one and the same […]


This early morning, courtesy my kitten on loan from my daughter, obviously what’s becoming a great time for meditation and wonderful time for the kitten to play with me, another thought came to me.  The thought as subject above on Love. Love is an odd subject.  We have […]


I am on a quest. My vorpal sword in hand. My Jabberwocky is at the center of my quest. It is close to an end and its death is near. However, this beast has great fight left in it; leaving me tired, scarred, and famished. Oh, but what […]